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Language learning in France

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Minimum level of French required : A2

Intensive courses: 3 hours per day from Monday to Friday over a period of 3 months with a maximum of 5 participants.
The duration of the course will be adapted to the period of the visa.

Obtaining a visa

  1. Short Stay (less than 3 months) : The documents required for this visa can vary according to your country or nationality.
    Information is available at this website « Do I need a visa ?« .
  2. One-year visa for young people between 8 and 30 years of age (work opportunities and tourism)
    Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chili, Colombia, South Korea, Japan, New-Zealand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Taiwan and Uruguay.
    More information available at the website Official document.
  3. Long stay visa : The participant must prove that he or she has sufficient resources to live in France. See again information on the website: Official document.

French language courses

We are pleased to be able to offer, as from January 2022, a language stay in France for WECers needing to learn French. 

In view of the strong demand and interest shown in language learning opportunities in France, we believe we need to provide a solution for those within the WEC family who are seeking to acquire a certain level of proficiency in French. Preparations are underway to welcome participants in the relaxed setting of the sending base in North-Eastern France, combining serious study with opportunities for language practice. 

As well as being able to practise French on a daily basis, they will benefit from a personalised program, using professional learning materials. They will have the support of an experienced teacher, Jacques Baumann, who completed university studies in French linguistics and literature. In addition, he has four years teaching experience in a private language school and holds an ‘adult educator’ certificate. 

The objective is to offer quality teaching with high professional standards, similar to that provided in language schools. Each person participating is expected to work hard to acquire new concepts and ideas in a lasting way. 

Bible reading in French will also be practiced, using a modern translation, such as the ‘Parole Vivante’. Participants will aim to acquire a specific vocabulary, enabling them to read, understand and speak about the Bible.

The duration of the courses will vary. A three-month intensive course will involve participants working several hours each day, attending French classes.
For a longer duration, the course will be less intensive. 

This French language stay is therefore a totally new development at the WEC France sending base, geared towards practical service in cross-cultural ministry.

Other activities

  • The participants will help in the practical running of the base and with household chores. This includes regular cleaning of the common areas, as well as three hours a week outside work and keeping the garden area tidy.

  • take part in the activities of the sending base such as prayer meetings, team lunches, etc.

  • be able to get involved in local churches.

  • have the opportunity to join in activities organised by the team working among foreign students.


Services Tarifs
Annual user membership fee 5 €/per adult
Single person 150 €/month
Married couple 250 €/month
Educational materials ±60 €/person/for each level of proficiency
(Book and exercise book)
Accommodation (per person):

  • Single room
  • Double room
  • Children: 3-18 years
Accommodation (per person):

  • 150 €/month
  • 125 €/month
  • 30 €/month
Estimated food cost per adult
(accommodation is self-catering)
100 € to 150 €/month
Transport and other expenses Variable according to individual needs

Requirements specific to your language learning stay at the sending base

  • Have the health pass, ‘passe sanitaire’ (up-to-date vaccine – valid negative PCR test – recovery certificate less than six months old). 
  • Have insurance liability (‘responsabilité civile’) and health insurance.
  • Become a user member of the WEC France association (5 €/year) unless you are already an active member.